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Fine Art for Corporate Excellence

Exclusive Artists Representatives 

FACE is an international art corporation based in Miami, Florida.  We serve as liaisons between various artists in creating and placing Monumental Art pieces into public spaces and venues such as: parks, hotel lobbies, airports and retail projects.  

Along with monumental art we also design and create art pieces for the express purpose of enhancing art into Corporate projects. 

Working directly with architects, developers, city planners, and interior designers we bring today's most important Monumental Masters to Public Spaces.  Working directly with the artist and in conjunction with our  design department  we can customize and budget for projects of any size and scope.  We are known to turn public spaces that have little artistic value into cultural oasis that serve the communities we live.  

We have also for more than a decade  worked with many of today’s largest firms in order to help enhance their corporate images by utilizing the "gift of fine art". We have had the proud honor to work with firms such as:

Roche Pharmaceutical Company  


American Airlines

OTIS Elevators  

Employing the talents of internationally renowned sculptor, Roberto Gutierrez and important muralist, painter Sandra Sarmiento and sculptor and painter Vala Ola  among other artists, we have had the opportunity to fuse Art projects into the Corporate world.  By working directly with various companies and serving as the artist liaison we have been able to oversee and perfect the process by which a “Unique piece of Art” is created as a reflection of a company's corporate mission or values and ultimately produced either as a single monumental creation or as a multiple series (many pieces of the same design)  for promotional purposes.

When incorporating art into public spaces it is important to remember that great art can appreciate as well as serve as a focal point in urban place setting.  It serves as a gathering point for cultural and social events and helps to revitalize centers to engaged cityscapes.  The professionals of  FACE can help you bring unappreciated beauty and value to urban destinations. Our monuments make powerful statements in helping to create new centers of urban renewal.  We create public spaces to be served by fully engaging the senses. 

Art  creates places where families and friends unite to experience the best in life.  A place where the people,  corporations and government meet in a new alignment of values.  The fact is the more dynamic the space, the more dynamic the art,  the more dynamic the urban vibe.  Revitalized energy serves as a win-win environment,  creating  urban atmospheres where the past and future meet in a simple blending of harmony.  A place where dreams are awakened.  A place where art is truly an expression that expands our world. 

If you are looking for new designs,  unique ideas,  ways to beautify a project,  ways  to incorporate art  into public venues  or just to have us coordinate the  development  of  an existing project,  we look forward to working with you.  Let our years of experience take your project to the next level. Please feel free to give us a call.

We are your full service design and implementation firm  Beautifying Public Spaces with Monumental Art

Making Urban Destinations a Reality.  

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