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All true art finds its reason in the visceral of the image. In other words, in the way it refracts that celebration of the spirit through the fundaments of a space  land, air and water, which translate in, fertility.  Perhaps these were the initial assumptions for naming 'art' those  bisons and horses that fused with man and his circumstances, revealed the forms and materials of the representations which gave rise to what until recently was known as civilization.  From there, diligent glances to the movements and routes in the history of art −Renaissance, Romanticism or Post vanguards- leads a legitimate discover and affiliation, sometimes through the subjects, styles, or references, with that main nature that constitutes the Phase of Life.

The work of the Colombian Artist Joaquin Barrios, truthful, authentic and contemporary is an evidence of this pictorial linage.  It is not possible to find themes, because it is us who  compose the Symphony of these movements and textures, in occasions  as a simulation of gestures or deaf cries, that never fail to grasp the immensity of a specific landscape. Landscapes, because these are the consciousness that mark, testify the existence of man in the vulnerability of its universe. If  we were to situate the Barrios style, we would have to decide for the Visual,  meaning,  for that of an outstanding image in a painting that slightly touches with the anthropological and  sociological, because his paintings, taken from the dyes of the earth and its creations, with a safe  stroke , typical of someone who knows that every good drawing precedes any novelty in the design of the visions, narrates,  transcripts and illustrates those confines without words, those of  feeling and emotion in everyday life, those that have no  cause but occur in the vibrations of the non understanding of what makes no sense.

These walls of artistic and professional conviction, could very well mean the public intentions of each one of us who participate in it. For Barrios, contemplation gives field commitment to his work. Because the light and stains of the suns of his painted words, are not resolved solely by the brush, but with the criteria of who intensely discerns on what is there beyond the image, of the writing of realities, latent within the forms that are not defined, as they are to materialize in each ones experiences, though these visions are universal to the state of men , and not to the causality of novelty . Thus is his patience and obstinacy, two qualities not always possible to see in the art work, as this painting is conscious of its transcendence.   This is why they jump, they capture, they argue, they hide, they illuminate with the purpose of constructing that other history that we yearn even knowing that the real one is this of the earth  already fluent of our hands.