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Stella was born into an artistic family in Bogota, Colombia and was guided by the high standards of her father a classical violinist of international recognition.

After graduating from a prestigious School of Jewelry, she devoted years of investigation into the interpretation of pre-hispanic cultures.  This lead her to establish contacts with the Museum of Gold in Bogota  which researches the treasures of pre -Columbian gold artifacts, and where she often receives the creative inspiration for many of her elegant and unique designs.

She was the founder and director of special events for the Express Art Corporation in Colombia, organizing and promoting cultural events on an international level.

She was also the art advisor for many diverse contests in Colombia including the most prestigious one in fine art, the 37th Biennial of Colombian Art collaborating directly with the secretary of culture of Colombia.

Her success in the world of design and manufacturing of Pre-Columbian  pieces is based on her vast and innovative experience resulting in her inspiring creations.

These unique, one-of-a-kind forms of jewelry, full of mystery, are represented by: Markay Wearable Art, One in a Million in Cincinnati, OH, MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art) in Long Beach, CA, the Al Lachman Gallery in Lumberville, PA, Collectors Fine Art of Hawaii, William Evans in Aspen, CO, and Harding Brothers among others.

Her designs of solid 18K and 22K gold combined with precious and semi-precious stones and sterling silver with 24 carat overlay, result in precise and highly detailed pieces.  In the hands of Stella Sarmiento, who respects the values of these indigenous symbols and their mythical powers,  the culture will continue to live.

This collection of unique designs are meant to tell ancient stories in today's world and offer experiences and sensations inspiring all who dare to dream.....

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